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Premium 4 Week

(Red) Cabernet Sauvignon - Grand Cru

(White) Chardonnay - Grand Cru

$110.00 Each



 Premium 6 Week

(Red) Cabernet Sauvignon - Cru Select

(White) Chardonnay - Cru Select

$135.00 each

Cabernet Sauvignon (RED)

Soft yet fruity, this wine shows complex varietal fruit flavours, including cherry and blackberry.

Oak M, Body M, Sweetness D 


Chardonnay (WHITE)                                

A classic style Chardonnay that is clean, crisp, and rich with fruit flavours. It is golden-hued and slightly tart with flavours of vanilla to tantalize the palate.

Oak M, Body M, Sweetness D





U | unoaked

L  | light

M | medium

H | heavy

L  | light

M | medium

F  | full

D | dry

O | off-dry

S | sweet

 A reminder that Limited Edition and Restricted Quantity wines have to be ordered now or you may miss out on the ones you want.


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